Informed Consent

School Counseling at NFHS High School

Counseling Program

The counseling program at NFHS High School is designed to help your child make the most of his or her educational experience and to achieve academic success. As your school counselor, I am concerned about the social and emotional wellbeing of your child, his or her academic progress, and social and personal development. The counseling services are based on collaboration with your child, you the parent, other school personnel in order to support your child’s personal and academic development.

Meet Your Counselor

My name is Dr. Carla Barnes. I am a student counselor working on a master’s degree in school counseling at Lamar University in a program that is nationally accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Education Programs (CACREP). I am working towards school counseling certification and is a member of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and American School Counseling Association (ASCA). I earned a master’s degree and doctoral degree in educational leadership from Lamar University and current work as  the Advanced Academic Programs Coordinator, Regular and Advanced Placement English teacher, and counselor inter. I look forward to my graduation December 16, 2017 and becoming a certified counselor in the state of Texas. I plan to continue working on earning professional mental health counseling license and becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas.

Counseling Services

All students at NFHS High School have access to professional school counseling services that provide opportunities for student to develop the necessary skills that contribute to academic success, and promote responsibility, and positive social, personal, and emotional development. I will collaborate with your student to identify and work towards achieving his or her goals for high school and or transition after high school.

Counseling services include classroom guidance for all students. The counseling team work with students in classroom setting in areas such as career, personal and social development, team building, extra-curricular activities, relationship with friend or family, cultural awareness, and academic.

Your child may also participate in individual or small group counseling with me. Small group or individual counseling may result from referral from the student, parents, teachers, other school personnel or other students.

Arrangement for Service

Individual or group counseling services is available to all students. A student or a parent may ask the counselor for help or to work with the student on a matter of interest. Teachers and other school staff may also refer a student for counseling service. Additionally, another student may refer the student for individual or small group counseling.

Counseling Service is Free

There are no fees or monetary compensation for counseling services. The school counseling program is a part of the school’s educational service that is provided for the benefit of all students.


Counseling is based on a trusting relationship between counselor and client. The success of counseling is built on a trusting relationship between the counselor and the client that begins confidentiality of information shared. I treat the personal information you share with me with the highest level of respect and confidentiality. I will keep your child’s disclosures between the two of us and will seek his or her permission to share. I will keep the information you share confidential, except in certain situations in which an ethical or legal responsibility limits confidentiality.

Exceptions to Confidentiality

  1. The student reveals information about hurting himself/herself or another person.
  2. The student or another person may be in physical danger.
  3. If there is suspected physical or sexual abuse, or neglect of a child or vulnerable person, I am compelled to report this information to child protective services.
  4. A court order issued by a judge may require myself/school to release information contained in your records.
  5. Information may be shared with other appropriate staff, or professional service providers for consultation purposes.

I have read and understand the information provided in this document. I understand the benefits and risk of counseling and the nature and limits of confidentiality. I also understand the expectations of the client.

By signing this form, I give my informed consent for my child to participate in counseling. I understand that anything that my child shares will be kept confidential except in the above-mentioned cases.


I ________________________________, understand and consent to conditions and confidentiality laws and regulations mentioned in this document.


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