Referral Process

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When do people request a meeting with a counselor?

  • When a student is very sad, confused, shy, angry, or worried
  • When severe changes in a student’s behavior occur
  • When a student is having difficulty dealing with family changes or situations
  • When something seems to be bothering a student to the point of distraction or intense anxiety
  • When a student is dealing with a loss of a family member, friend, or pet
  • When stressors at home are affecting school performance or self-concept
  • When a student is consistently absent from school

How Do Students See the Counselor?

Parents are welcome to contact me directly! If you have concerns of any kind regarding your child I am available. I can help with an issue at home or pay attention to certain habits and behaviors you are hoping to address. I can also be of assistance with community resources and helping your family with any pressing needs!

Appointment made by the counselor to meet with a student

  • Self-Referral to meet with the counselor
  • Parent/Guardian Referral for a student to meet with the counselor
  • Administration, Teacher, Staff Referral request for a student to meet with the counselor
  • Request by a friend for a student to meet with the counselor

To make an appointment with the School Counselor, please complete one of the following forms:

Confidentiality Concerns

A counselor-student relationship must be built on trust and confidentiality. This means that I am bound by ethical codes of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) to keep conversations between myself and students private. I try my best to keep parents and teachers updated on the progress and relevant information for the betterment of your student. there are times when I may need to break confidentiality and tell appropriate persons. This is when student may be susceptible to:

  • Harm Themselves
  • Harm Others
  • Abuse and/or Neglect

Arrangement for Service

Individual or group counseling services is available to all students. A student or a parent may ask the counselor for help or to work with the student on a matter of interest. Teachers and other school staff may also refer a student for counseling service. Additionally, another student may refer the student for individual or small group counseling.